Thursday, April 08, 2010

People Are Strange

We made a handful of music videos using flash in my digital art classes. This is one of the later ones I did alongside with my cuz, Kate.

~ I'm going to be posting more of the old flash stuff, but I need to go back and edit some of the original files and add a 'play' button. Otherwise when you load this page you'll just have 15 flash animations screaming at you :D

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Post 100! FLASH!

It's been about 2 years.... gah! Time to get back into the swing of being creative. I put out an ad to maybe get involved with some other artists or something. And I'm really going to try to push myself just to start drawing or painting or doing something again. But until I get something worth posting up here, I've got something else to entertain...

I made a bunch of little flash projects while I was in school that I was never able to get posted up on the web very well. But now I have a friend that's allowing me some hosting space on his website so I can start putting them up here.

Starting off with a simple example of a flash menu system that I made up to fit the style of this site and work as a gallery of my art.

~ Looks like I'll have to put some time into rearranging the layout of the site a bit to accommodate to some of my flash files. Check back later to get a better view of this.