Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A Renaissance Master, I am Not

No, I can't really compare to Tiziano Vecelli, (aka. Titian) but I was asked to try anyway. My assignment this week for my painting class was to choose a renaissance painting and copy it. I chose The Penitent Magdalene, for some reason I thought it might be one of the easier options. "Easy" being relative, the Italian Renaissance is when just about every one of the well known masters of painting was active, including all the Ninja Turtles :)

I spent about 5 hours working on it between two days. Titian of course probably spent months working on it. But anyway here's what I ended up with.

Trying to redo someone else's work is not my idea of fun. I think the best part of my version is the "happy little tree" at top right. Hopefully this is the last time I need to do this.


Clay People - Figure 2

I just finished my second clay modeled figure. This one looks a lot better than the first, unfortunately the pictures don't really do it justice.


I've Been Lazy

I painted this a week ago, but I've been lazy... and distracted. I think this is probably my best painting so far. I had a lot of fun just finding a good spot to paint, and the painting itself was, of course, fun as well.

And here's a shot of the location, with my blank canvas.

There was some huge bird that came by at one point, I was thinking about adding him into the painting, maybe I'll still do that... sometime.


Friday, October 13, 2006

Some Simple Photoshop

I'm learning a little about photoshop in my computer media class. Hopefully I'll be able to do some really cool stuff one day. But for now, here's my latest little project.

I cleaned up a few of the little dust and scratches and then added some color. Looks pretty neat I thought. Many of you should recognize the location, thought the photo is probably over 20 years old.


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Five OH!

Yes, that's right, welcome to my fiftieth post in this blog! Woohoo! To celebrate I updated the gallery to include a lot of the stuff I've done in the past few months. (It's a tedious process and I don't like to do it often) So if you haven't seen everything, please check it out.

I finished my first full color painting today. It took me somewhere between 5 and 6 hours to complete over 2 days. Here's a shot from the end of day 1:

And here's the final product :

(A photo of the real thing if you want to compare)

Looking back at some of the older things in the gallery it's clear that I've gotten at least a little bit better, hopefully I can keep it up. Thanks for sticking with me.


Monday, October 02, 2006

Drawing and Splash for Painting : Week 5

I decided to start working a little early on my painting for this week, the last few I had done the day before they were due. I looked around for a good spot to work from with an interesting view. I went with the porch of the master bedroom, as seen in my recent diptych. I did a couple sketches of different view to see what looked good.

I decided the view of the clematis and the side of the house looked better so I did some further study by doing a couple quick splash paintings. Here's one :

I'll get started on the final painting tomorrow. It's going to be 20"x20" on canvas. The layout will obviously be slightly different because it's square instead of rectangular. Hopefully I can keep a similar composition because I like where it's going.