Friday, April 28, 2006

Draw a Pig!

While perusing my usual drawing blogs I came across a site that offers a personality text based on how you draw a pig. So I gave it a shot, it's cute. Anyway, I figured I'd share, everyone should have at least a little art in their day.

Draw a Pig!

Here's the first pig I drew :

And here's my second shot :

After you try it out, copy the link that is given and post it in a comment. I'd like to see everyone else's pigs.


Thursday, April 27, 2006

More art than you can shake a stick at

I've got lots of pictures but I'm not sure if there's a limit on how much I can upload in one post, so we'll see how this works out.

First off, I finished the forsythia painting completely. Here's a picture (click for larger view)

And here is a close up view of the tree in the background. This is what was giving me trouble, but it looks really cool now I think, lots of colors.

Next is a shot of the ongoing Pencilman work. I'm trying to make him looks even more like real metal, as well as fixing a problem with his feet. (he doesn't like to stand up well)

More ongoing work, the tree and pyramid project. I haven't done much with these since the last update but add a little bit of paint. I also took a shot of what the final display pose is supposed to look like. What do you think? (still one major addition I need to make)

And Finally a new painting that I started today of the clematis at growing in the back of my house. It is supposed to look realistic, but I don't think I'm doing so well on that front. But I'm not all together unsatisfied with it.

Well I look forward to hearing what you have to say about these pieces. Please leave any kind of comments you want, suggestions too. Even if you don't think you know jack about art, I'd still like to hear what everyone has to say.


Sunday, April 23, 2006

Busy Weekend

Well I've had a lot of things I've been trying to work on all at the same time for the past few days. So I'm going to give a little glimpse of each of them.

First is the newest project, which is a carving out of a plaster and vermiculite mix. The vermiculite helps soften the final product so it's easier to carve, it also gives it a neat looking stone-like texture. As usual this is for an assignment in school which is supposed to create a relationship between an organic and a geometric object. The tree object is about 7 inches tall for reference.

Next up is my pencilman sculpture. I mentioned before that I dropped him and gave him a nice crack. So I was working on fixing that and a few other little parts I don't like so much. Here's his current state. Poor guy...

And finally, the forsythia painting is getting a few little touch-ups and my professor suggested I do the painting vertically (instead of laying it flat on a work table). So I went out and bought myself an easel! Woohoo now I feel like a real artist... almost.

Well, I will hopefully have some final shots of the painting and pencilman later this week to share and I'll keep updating on whatever else I havel. Until then..


Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Here's a sculpture that I'm currently working on, though it is near completion. It is a representation of me in the style of another sculptor, Tom Otterness. Check out some of Tom's work here : Tom's Small Sculptures

The original sculpting was done in clay. The clay was then covered with plaster to make a mold or cast. The cast was then filled with a harder type of plaster to make a final positive. After some fine tuning and a coat of paint this is what I ended up with. You may notice the crack in the tip of the pencil, I had a little accident. I hope to have that unnoticeable before it is completely finished.

It was a long process, but enjoyable. It would be especially cool if I would have been able to work with metal instead of having to try to replicate it with plaster and paint, though I imagine that would cost quite a bit. Anyway, fun as it was I think I'd prefer to stick with mostly 2D work as the time involved in 3D stuff is much much greater (from my experience) and I like to finish things quickly.


Impressionistic Forsythia

Trying to make up for missed time.

Here's a painting I just finished. It's the first real work I've done with paint but I feel it's not too bad for what it is. It, along with most of what will be posted here, is for an assignment at school, so it's not exactly what I'd do if I were fully in control, but maybe that's a good thing. (Click the picture for a larger view)

Well, I hope this is somewhat more enjoyable to look at then the spark plugs. Let me know what you think.


I suck...

Well, here we are, 4 days later, and my first art post. I guess maybe 2 or 3 times a week is more realistic for me than every day. Though I'd like to get to that daily point eventually.

Anyhow, here's some spark plugs I drew. Not that cool, I know, but this is more of an exercise for me than an entertainment for you, sorry. If you have any critique I'd love to hear it. I am aware that I have a problem with flattening out tube-like objects such as this. The further down the spark plug you go (from the end which I started drawing) the more flat it begins to appear. I should work on that.

Well, not much else to say. If you have any suggestions for things you'd like to see me draw or paint or ink or something please suggest away. One of the major things keeping me from doing more art is lack of inspiration.

(heh, funny note, I just started iTunes and played a random song. First thing that came up was "Dear Live Journal" by Evergreen Terrace)


Friday, April 14, 2006

Welcome to my art blog!

I created this blog mostly for myself. I will try my best to post daily some of art. By doing this I hope to develop better discipline and to keep in practice. Please feel free to bitch at me if I miss a day without an art post.