Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Today, From Adam's Head

While at my local comic shop recently I found an interesting book, The Fly Chronicles. The illustrations were intersting so I picked it up to look at more later. It's basically "The Far Side" in a new light. The character design was neat though and inspired me to want to work at some of that sort of thing in the near future. If you're curious at all, check out the website. The cards section has some nice examples of his work and they are pretty funny.

Over the weekend I had some family over for father's day and my ousin who just graduated high school started talking to me about art and school and that she was planning to study digital illustration. I suggested she start a blog like this one and keep doing art work on a consitent basis. So, please, check it out and see what you think.

And lastly, here's a few sketches of things that I've done recently. Nothing major, just a snapshot of what's been in my head.

I guess I got on kind of a door kick, huh?

Here's a drawing I did a few weeks ago in the same style. Since you asked for it :)