Wednesday, July 26, 2006

That's Right I'm Back!

I just got back from an awsome week in San Diego with my friends. I went to the Interantional Comic Convention while I was there and saw lots of cool stuff. I'm not going to waste your time talking about it here, but if you're interested I've created a blog dedicated to pictures and stories about the trip here.

The most notable part of the trip for me was getting able to hang out with Andy Lee and his girlfriend, Heather, and to watch him paint. I met them a couple months ago in Philadelphia and was wowed by his ability and have been trying to learn to do it myself. After spending several days watching him work I think I picked up a few new tricks and I couldnt wait to try them out. So here's what I've done so far.

This "splash painting" is really fun and helps stimulate my imagination, so look forward to more like this.