Monday, December 11, 2006

Captain Hal's Followup

We're at the end of the semester so I've been pretty busy with stuff, sorry about the lack of posts. Here's my suite of items I created for Captain Hal's.

First, a flyer that you might find in a newspaper. I took the photo myself with a McDonald's fish sandwich and fries. I wanted one of those red basket things they use at some restaurants but the bowl was all I could get a hold of. Did a tiny bit of photo editing in photoshop then slapped it into the InDesign page I made and voila.

Here's some coasters. No explanation needed.

And finally a kids menu / placemat. The final version had a bunch of bubbles placed randomly on it to make it look more festive, but I forgot to email myself that file, so, whatever.

That's all for now.
(oh, and just in case you were wondering about the "Captain's Shake" click here.)