Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Here's a sculpture that I'm currently working on, though it is near completion. It is a representation of me in the style of another sculptor, Tom Otterness. Check out some of Tom's work here : Tom's Small Sculptures

The original sculpting was done in clay. The clay was then covered with plaster to make a mold or cast. The cast was then filled with a harder type of plaster to make a final positive. After some fine tuning and a coat of paint this is what I ended up with. You may notice the crack in the tip of the pencil, I had a little accident. I hope to have that unnoticeable before it is completely finished.

It was a long process, but enjoyable. It would be especially cool if I would have been able to work with metal instead of having to try to replicate it with plaster and paint, though I imagine that would cost quite a bit. Anyway, fun as it was I think I'd prefer to stick with mostly 2D work as the time involved in 3D stuff is much much greater (from my experience) and I like to finish things quickly.