Sunday, April 23, 2006

Busy Weekend

Well I've had a lot of things I've been trying to work on all at the same time for the past few days. So I'm going to give a little glimpse of each of them.

First is the newest project, which is a carving out of a plaster and vermiculite mix. The vermiculite helps soften the final product so it's easier to carve, it also gives it a neat looking stone-like texture. As usual this is for an assignment in school which is supposed to create a relationship between an organic and a geometric object. The tree object is about 7 inches tall for reference.

Next up is my pencilman sculpture. I mentioned before that I dropped him and gave him a nice crack. So I was working on fixing that and a few other little parts I don't like so much. Here's his current state. Poor guy...

And finally, the forsythia painting is getting a few little touch-ups and my professor suggested I do the painting vertically (instead of laying it flat on a work table). So I went out and bought myself an easel! Woohoo now I feel like a real artist... almost.

Well, I will hopefully have some final shots of the painting and pencilman later this week to share and I'll keep updating on whatever else I havel. Until then..