Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Fantasy Drawings

While hanging out with the guys tonight I did some drawings of some fantasy stuff that had popped into my head. I was not at home and had no real reference material besides other entries in the sketchbook I had on hand. This is the only one I really used.

The first is a troll sort of creature. It's not great but probably one of the best figures I've done, especially considering I had no reference. (Well, I did look at Joe's ankle and hand) The original ears I drew on him looked dumb so I did some other possibilities on the side.

The next two drawings are of a Asian style temple that sits high on a mountain and the path that leads up to it. (Based on the Shaolin Temple in China)

I'm feeling fairly confident about my drawings lately. I also just bought some new bamboo brushes and Bristol board. I'm hoping to do some good Andy Lee style splashes soon.