Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Painting : Week 4 and Figure 1 Final

I'm starting to get annoyed with trying to take pictures of my oil paintings. They're so shiny that the flash causes a really bad glare. If anyone knows some kind of trick to get around that I'd love to hear.

Anyway, here's the latest painting I did. Only worked 2.5 hours on this one. It's not as detailed as the last, but adding in an extra color makes the whole process different. Having all the shades of a new color allows you to describe things in a way that doesn't require such fine details. (Though, the pencilman could look better)

Oh, for those who don't know, or if you just don't recognize them, these are sculptures that I did last semester. Check out this post to see pictures.

Also, here's some final views of the full figure I modeled. I ended up with a C. So I guess I'll need to work harder on the next ones. I pretty much had to start from scratch the second day I was working on this because my proportions were so off the first day. Here's what it initially looked like incase you forgot.

That's all for now.